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Confused about which loan program and lender are best for you? Join the legion of satisfied borrowers who have used the services of Monroe & Giordano.


Borrower Questionnaire/Checklists

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Amortization Schedule
The following document is in Microsoft Excel format.

Amortization Schedule

With over 60 years' combined experience in commercial real estate finance, we deal with all types of national lenders on a daily basis. Monroe & Giordano will provide professional assistance in lining up the lender that best suits your needs, assist in negotiations, due diligence, and the closing of the loan.

Monroe & Giordano has built special relationships which generally prevent extra costs in utilizing their services. We call this "Added Value for No Extra Cost."

Simply download any of the forms at left, depending upon type of project and financing required; fill it in, and send it to us today along with the checklist items. Also, to help calculate the payments, download our Amortization Schedule (Microsoft Excel format).